Matt Farrell '24

Internship: KenSAP
Location: Kenya
Program: Summer Social Impact Internship (SSII) Fund
Concentration: Princeton School of Public and International Affairs

Why did you choose your internship?

The academic portion of it really compelled us. These are some of the smartest kids we've ever met in our whole life. Just because they don't have the resources to attend U.S. universities at the moment, we felt that we should do something about that and at least help an organization that is making a big impact by trying to bridge the gap between the Kenyan and American education system.

How do you think this opportunity will impact your career trajectory? 

I think it will have a profound impact. I really enjoyed being in Africa, specifically East Africa. I would love to go back and explore different career paths in East Africa in the future.

What has been most memorable for you?

A six-hour hike to the top of a waterfall. It was grueling, but not one of [the students] complained, spirits were always high, everyone was making the most of the opportunity to go on a hike and spend time together.