Nicole Young '23

Internship: Animal Rescue of Tracy
Location: Tracy, California
Program: Summer Social Impact Internship (SSII) Fund
Concentration: Economics

Tell us a little bit about your summer internship.

I was a business development intern for the Animal Rescue of Tracy and my main goals were to help supervise and mentor high school students to help them with their social and leadership skills, as well as help with business initiatives.

How did you choose this internship?

I have a deep passion to help animals, especially puppies and kittens in my area, so I was really happy to volunteer at the animal rescue to make an impact in any way I can. I also foster puppies in my free time!

What kind of impact did the internship have on you?

I decided to adopt one of the puppies that I fostered with my family, so seeing how much of an impact it can do, whether it’s fostering or helping market animals to others really made me feel like I had a greater impact in my town. Hopefully in the future I can do this on a bigger scale. I definitely want to continue volunteering with nonprofits.

Thinking back on your summer internship, what were some most memorable moments?

The adoption fairs! During the fairs we were adopting out kittens and just being able to talk to potential families and also help high school mentors develop their leadership skills by talking to these families — that was the best moment. And also obviously fostering!