Paige Morton '25

Internship: Big Engine Creative
Location: Seattle, Washington
Program: Summer Social Impact Internship (SSII) Fund

Why did you choose your internship?

I was curious what it is like to do freelance creative work for nonprofit organizations. I have always been interested in exploring the different ways that visual, digital creativity can help spread important messages to the world. Specifically, my internship was concerned with using graphic design, photography and videography to express the brand identity of local nonprofit organizations and purpose driven small businesses. Hence, it was exactly what I was looking for!

What have you learned?

I learned the basics of several Adobe Creative Cloud apps. This knowledge tremendously expanded my possibilities for creation in the digital field across several mediums. I also discovered how to navigate creative collaborative work. After reflection, I realized that executing projects to the satisfaction of a client is a rewarding, educational experience.

How do you think this opportunity will impact your career path and/or future goals?

This opportunity has been incredibly inspiring for me. I see myself continuing to collaborate on projects that can add positive change into the world. In particular, I realized my love for visual storytelling in the form of video. After being exposed to certain tools and techniques that enhance effective communication within video, I am excited to incorporate them in future creations.

What has been most memorable for you?

My most memorable moment was when I got to take photos for a nonprofit that provides school lunches for children in need on the weekends. It was a joy to see my photography featured on their website.